Internet Services are Down in Pakistan Due to Submarine Cable Fault

Internet is Once again down in Pakistan. The users are experiencing degrade and slow internet services due to a fault in three of the four of the international submarine cables. According to sources, three of the four international submarine cables have developed a fault near Egypt, which has resulted in slow internet speeds for users in Pakistan.

Due to the fault, the services of #PTCL and #Transworld Associates have been affected

In a message to its customers, Nayatel said that customers might be experiencing slow or no internet.

"You might be experiencing slow/no internet due to degradation in our uplink provider. Our teams are already in coordination with relevant stakeholders for earliest resolution. Inconvenience is regretted,",

According to some sources, Jazz has also issued an notice internally informing that customers may experience slow internet speeds due to a nationwide issue. However, the concerned teams are working on the issue. The 3 submarine cables are the MENA, AAE-1 & SMW5 .They have also developed a fault earlier this month near Egypt’s terrestrial segment, due to which westbound internet traffic was affected.

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